KPL offers skilled Welding Engineers, Electrical Engineers and Mechanical Engineers with extensive knowledge in all aspects of welding processes, metallurgy, electrical engineering, secondary circuits, standards, and weld verification. You'll achieve excellence in welding with Our Company.

      KPL is dedicated to assisting its customers achieve excellence as it pertains to welding disciplines, product testing, materials evaluation, and engineering consulting.

     Our principal objective at KPL is to find durable Solutions to your mechanical, electrical and welding Issues through our experienced team. Backed by a strong work ethic and a sense of integrity, KPL has grouped together the best professionals in the field to ensure that your job - however great or small - is completed to the highest specifications. KPL is experienced in fulfilling the challenging demands of the industry through our flexible, innovative approach and by prioritizing our customers' requirements.

      It is KPL's professionalism and proven track record that has kept our customers coming back to us again and again. From the initial concept through to post completion, KPL is committed to your project from the outset.